Joseph G. Daniels

Joseph G. Daniels’ photographs have captivated viewers with his unmistakable style with his focus on Shadows and the Art of Lighting. Born in New Jersey in 1984, Joseph started his career as an ARTIST by attending the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale for Digital Media Productions. Joseph fell in love with acting and modeling.

After a few years, he had an urge to have more creative control and transitioned to Photography. For the past 5 years, Joseph has refocused his artistic eye on still photography. With his vast experience on both sides of the lens, Joseph is capable of understanding what Actors and Models are feeling during a photo session.

In 2012, Joseph founded Photography by J. Daniels and recently rebranded his business to Joseph G. Daniels Photography. His clients include, Americans Next Top Model, Lunch Mensware, Next Models, The Fight Magazine, West Hollywood Magazine, Freedom Reigns, Promos for Night Clubs, Celebration of the Male Form, Celebrities and NonProfits amongst others.